Umberto Tozzi | Carmen Consoli – Grado Festival

Umberto Tozzi | Carmen Consoli – Grado Festival
17th JULY 2022 | 20th JULY 2022

Two more dates to mark in the calendar for GRADO FESTIVAL

17th July UMBERTO TOZZI, the singer-songwriter from Turin and author of numerous Italian musical hits.
Buy tickets at https://www.ticketone.it/event/umberto-tozzi-diga-nazario-sauro-15066898/

20th July CARMEN CONSOLI with her show “Volevo fare la rockstar TOUR (I wanted to be a rockstar TOUR)”.
Buy tickets at https://www.ticketone.it/event/carmen-consoli-diga-nazario-sauro-15066927/

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