Tasting Concerts


30th and 31st July 2019

The Dinner show will take place at the waterfront Nazario Sauro, at sunset. Here will unfold 20 stages of taste, which will be the protagonists of the best chefs of Friulian cuisine, who will create for the occasion dishes inspired by summer, with its flavors and aromas, and cook them live in front of the public. Next to their stations there will be 22 winemakers and distillers of the most prestigious wineries in Friuli, which will offer refined combinations of food and wine. Attentive to food needs, the chefs will also offer dishes for celiacs and vegetarians.
The dinner show will be an opportunity to taste the products, sweets, ice cream, coffee, Craftsmen of taste, which are part of the group FVG Via Sapori and that, along with restaurateurs and winemakers, represent the food and wine excellence of the region.
In closing, each chef will present his own personal interpretation of the summer dessert.

The Show Dinners will begin at 20.00. Entry will be allowed until 21.00. The elegant dress is appreciated. The cost is € 60.00.

For information and tickets: Friuli Venezia Giulia Via dei Sapori – tel. +39 0432538752 – info@friuliviadeisapori.it

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