Perdon di Barbana 2021

July 4, 2021

The history of the pilgrimage of the “Perdòn di Barbana” dates back to 1237 when Grado was saved from a terrible plague. Every year, on the first Sunday of July, an evocative procession of flags and garlanded boats moves across the lagoon from Grado to Barbana. The procession, which begins early in the morning, is led by the “Star of the Sea”, the boat that carries the statue of the Madonna degli Angeli usually kept in the Basilica of Grado. The event starts early in the morning and is preceded by a day of meditation and celebration (the Sabo grando). The name Perdòn, on the other hand, derives from the tradition of approaching the sacrament of reconciliation on the occasion of the pilgrimage.

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