Nature Bus

Hotel Marea guests can ask for more information at the reception. We will be glad to help you organize your excursions.

Every Tuesday morning, from 8 June to 7 September 2021, the Nature Bus leaves from various areas of Grado and takes you to visit the Mouth of the Isonzo Regional Nature Reserve and the Cona Island with activities with Camargue horses; the excursion includes guided tours, lunch in a farmhouse and entrance ticket.

  • 09.00  Bus station Piazza Carpaccio (lane 4)
  • 09.05  Riva Slataper
  • 09.10  Città Giardino
  • 09.15  Grado Pineta (Orsa Maggiore street)
  • 09.20 Villaggio Cà Laguna
  • 09.23 Villaggio Europa/Punta Spin
  • 09.25 Tenuta Primero
  • 09.50 arrival in Isola della Cona
  • 10.00 -12.30 guided tour and activities with Camargue horses
  • 12.30 – 13.50 lunch at the bar/restaurant “il Pettirosso” on the Foce Isonzo Reserve or self-packed lunch with pick-nick
  • 14.00 departure for the return to Grado
  • 14.25 Tenuta Primero
  • 14.27  Villaggio Europa/Punta Spin
  • 14.30  Villaggio Cà Laguna
  • 14.35  Grado Pineta (Orsa Maggiore street)
  • 14.40  Città Giardino
  • 14.45  Riva Slataper
  • 14.50 bus station Piazza Carpaccio


Price adults / children with lunch in the Reserve € 15.00

Price adults / children with packed lunch € 8.00


Minimum 5 participants, maximum 20 people.


In case of light rain the excursion will be done anyway.


the reservation is compulsory and must be made by 12 noon of the day before the excursion


Italian, English.

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