Friday 30. September, Saturday 01. October, Sunday 02 October 2016

Fish Strudel

Pasta quills with scallops sauce, Saffron and Tarragon

King prawns with bacon on curry Sauce

Stir fried mushrooms and peppers


€ 30,00 per person.


Special Hallowenn Dinner
Tasting Menu
Saturday 31 October 2015
Typical Salami with Vinegar Sauce
Cream of Pumpkin with Ginger Croutons
Risotto of Pumpkin with Crispy Bacon
Typical Sausage in Sauce with Potatoes Trieste Style
Tiroler Goulasch with Pumpkin Pureée
Pumpkin Pie
€ 25,00 per Person, Drink not included
For reservation and information 0039-0431-81206 / info@hotelmarea.it
Special Boreto alla Gradese Dinner
Saturday 24 october 2015
Tasting Menu 4 course
 Mantis Shrimps Boreto
Clams Boreto
Razor Clams Boreto
Turbot Boreto with Polenta
€ 25,00 per person, drinks not included.
Menu Tasting 6 course
Mantis Shrimps Boreto
Clams Boreto
Razor Clams Boreto
Risotto with Cuttlefisch Boreto
 Turbot Boreto with Polenta
Santonego Parfait
€ 35,00 per person, drinks not included.
For information and reservation 0039- 0431-81206, info@hotelmarea.it,
Facebook: Ristorante Hotel Marea
Saturday 17th october 2015
Puree of dried cod with Garlic canapés and black pepper
Salt cod “grado” Style with Polenta
Salt cod “Vicentina” Style
Salt cod “portoghese” Style
Santonego Parfait
€ 40,00 per person, drinks not included.
For reservation and information 0039-0431-81206, info@hotelmarea.it

Saturday 10. October 2015

Dinner from 19:00


 Mantis Shrimps Boreto
 Razor Clams Boreto
 Risotto with Gobies
Turbot Boreto with Polenta
 Santonego Parfait
€ 35,00 per person (drinks not included)
For information and reservation 0431-81206

Dinner 02-03-04 October 2015

Potato Dumpling with Scallops

Prawns with Bacon and Curry Sauce

Sauteed Peppers and Finferli Mushrooms


€ 30,00 per person

The fish soup, for the Grado’s people is “Boreto”, is the most famous recipe of the kitchen of Grado.

This recipe is a savoury fish soup that has its origin very distant, dates back to the discover of America. This delicious dish was created from the fishermen that lived in “casoni” (tipical home) in the Grado lagoon, and borns how poor dish, cooked with simple ingredients and was served with the polenta. Every family pass on its variant .

The “Boreto alla Graisana” is the true symbol of the culinary tradition of Grado, city linked at the sea and at the fishing, infact from October till end of November the restaurants propose at the guests their personal interpretation and this tipical dish is the true protagonist of the autumn.