• Saturday, 15th June – 9.30 pm diga Nazario Sauro: EX-OTAGO “LA NOTTE CHIAMA” TOUR (info & tickets: www.euritmica.it)
  • Wednesday, 19th June – 9.30 pm diga Nazario Sauro: LIVE CONCERT BY RICHARD GALLIANO (info & tickets: www.euritmica.it)
  • Saturday, 22th June – 9.30 pm Campo dei Patriarchi: LIVE CONCERT BY MICHELE PIRONA TRIO (Free admission)
  • Monday, 24th June – 9.30 pm Campo dei Patriarchi: LIVE CONCERT BY GREEN WAVES (Free admission)
  • Tuesday, 25th June – 9.30 pm diga Nazario Sauro: TONY HADLEY – TONIGHT BELONGS TO US TOUR (info & tickets: www.euritmica.it)
  • Thursday, 27th June – 9.30 pm Campo dei Patriarchi: LIVE CONCERT BY WOODNITE TRIO (Free admission)
  • Friday, 28th June – 9.30 pm diga Nazario Sauro: LIVE CONCERT BY FABIO CONCATO (Free admission)

Hotel Marea guests can ask for more information at the reception. We will be glad to help you organize your excursions.

On June 21st, on the occasion of the summer solstice, after the free concert on the Nazario Sauro dam (at 4.00 am) come and enjoy our delicious gourmet breakfast at the Numero Uno bar on the Git beach from 5.00 am to 7.00 am.

Price € 30.00 adults and € 15.00 children.


In case of bad weather, the event will be cancelled.


Limited seats, must be booked by 12.00 on June 20th.


Saturday, 8th June and Sunday, 9th June


Group dance performances on the seafront promenade diga Nazario Sauro, Giardini Marchesan, piazza XXVI maggio and Campo Patriarca Elia.

Full programme on www.grado.info

(in collaboration with the Graisani de Palù Association)

Hotel Marea guests can ask for more information at the reception. We will be glad to help you organize your excursions.

Two Thursdays a month come and visit the “Casone of Pasolini” where the great poet and director shot the film “Medea” with Maria Callas fifty years ago.

DATES: June 6th, June 20th, July 4th, July 18th, August 1st, August 22nd, September 5th, September 19th.

  • 10.00 am departure from Riva Slataper (in front of Hotel Savoy)
  • 10.45 am arrival at the casone
  • 10.50 am – 12.30 pm guided tour
  • 1.30 pm arrival in Grado

Price: 35,00 € adults and 20,00 € children, including boat transfer, guided tour and a small tasting.


Max 30 people.


In case of bad weather the excursion is postponed until the following Thursday.


Must be booked by 12.00 on Wednesday.


Italian, German, English.

Three days of sports are scheduled to Grado 4 to 6 September for the 2015 edition of “Let’s Go Triathlon Degree“. An event eagerly awaited by the competitive point of view it looks like a real party for all fans of Olympic sport. A lot of news in this 17th edition.

It starts on Friday 4 with the opening ceremony at the Rose Park at 16.30 and the Kids Aquathlon race dedicated to young people who want to test themselves. Saturday 5 is the day of the triathlon, the race highlight awaits 600 athletes coming also from Austria, Slovenia and Germany. The route of the race winds through the scenic beauty of the island and its surroundings. Sunday 6 last appointment with the debut race of Orienteering, an excellent opportunity to admire the old town of Grado.

They are also planning events such as music and kiosks to enliven the weekend.

This year is the XII edition of Festival Lagunamovies. This event will be from 02 to 09 August between the Grado’s historical center  and the its islands. With this edition closes the format of the three-year project “Trenches in Laguna”, that wants to rediscover the historical memory of the Big War. Just the lagoon of Grado and Marano was the Italy’s border with Austria in the 1915 and in these places were fired the first shots of conflict. This Festival tells the aquatic trenches, the moment and the personages that have to mark the First World War.

Come back the traditional summer appointment with the “Frecce Tricolori”in Grado. The Acrobatic National Patrol performs at Sunday 2nd august at 17:00p.m. Unique and spectacular exhibition, this show is very expect, and attesting the link between the Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Frecce, that in this region, have their base in Rivolto, where they train. This year the Patrol celebrates the 55° anniversary and for this occasion has a new acrobatic manoeuvre. All people look up for don’t lose one of these fantastic acrobatic exercises, drawn in the sky from these skillful pilots.

After the big successful of the first edition, AquaticRunner comes back. Is a half marathon to do in part  swimming and in part running, between the 5 islands that divide Grado from Lignano through the Lagoon of Marano. The start is Saturday 25 July from the Parco delle Rose in Grado and the athletes must  cover the space that separate the two localities for 18 km run and 4 km swim. The athletes go in water for 7 time and the piece longer is of 1500 metres. The arrival will be in Lignano Sabbiadoro where is the Terrazza Mare.

From the centuries the Sunny Island, on the first weekend of July, to live again the religious celebration of “Sabo Grando” and “Perdòn de Barbana”, typical procession that on Sunday morning show the starting of a procession of boats all decorate with flags and hydrangea and on board there are the religious and civilian authority and the family leaders. All together leave from the pier when there is the scream “In nome de Dio Avanti!” and all go with the statue of Madonna of Angels till the monastery of island Barbana between the bells sounds in feast. At the end of a High Mass, the procession bring back the statue of Madonna in Grado. But the festivities, during all week and finish with the procession Sunday 5 July, will be in all historical center where is possible to visit local street markets of typical product, concerts and tasting of food and drink.

Is a trip in the time, where rediscover the history, events and traditions that have to cause at the foundation of Aquileia, city recognized humanity heritage. Aquileia was one of the most rich metropolis of Roman Empire during the supremacy of Cesare Augusto. “Tempora Aquileia” is a big commemoration that for 3 days, from 26th to 28th June 2015, will make to live again, with 500 Roman and Celtic actors, the atmosphere of the foundation of Aquileia in the 181 a.C. Will be possible to live again the old market, the battles, the dances and the sound of a distant time.